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Apps to support recovery

An "app" is a term for a computer programme or software that can be downloaded onto your smartphone or mobile device (e.g. tablets and kindles) and used "on the go". There is a huge range of apps that could be helpful to you during your physical and psychological recovery. Many, but not all of the apps that we've included here are NHS approved, free and hopefully easy to use. You may need to be referred by your GP to access some of these apps. Some of the apps that are free to use may, however, include an option to pay for an enhanced version of the app, and doing so is entirely up to you. 


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Web Link: Healthera (pharmacist support)

This app helps you get the most out of your local pharmacy services. You can use it to manage your repeat prescriptions and medication, book appointments and contact your pharmacist for advice. *NHS approved and free to use

Web Link: iPrescribe (exercise prescription)

The iPrescribe Exercise app creates a 12-week exercise plan based on your health information. It then sets the duration and intensity of the exercise based on the information you enter.This app aims to help you improve your overall health, but can also be used to manage a number of long-term health conditions. *NHS approved and free to use

Web Link: MedLoop (GP apointments, prescriptions, test results)

The Medloop app lets you book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions, message your GP surgery, and look at your medical records and test results. *NHS approved and free to use

Web Link: My Possible Self (stress, anxiety and low mood)

Take control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour with the My Possible Self mental health app. Use the simple learning modules to manage fear, anxiety and stress and tackle unhelpful thinking. Record your experiences and track symptoms to better understand your emotional well-being. *NHS approved and free to use

Web Link: myGP (appointments, prescriptions & medication reminders)

The myGP app lets you book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and set up medication reminders on your smartphone. *NHS approved and free to use

Web Link: One You: Active 10 walking tracker

This link will take you to the Google Play store, where you can download the Active 10 walking tracker. Active 10 is a free and easy to use walking app that tracks your walking, and shows you how you can increase the intensity to benefit your health. The app is designed to support you to increase your daily level of physical activity, with simple and achievable milestones and rewards along the way. *Approved by Public Health England and free to download

Web Link: Pathway through pain (musculoskeletal pain)

Pathway through Pain is an online course to help you manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. The programme guides you through all the elements of an intensive pain management programme. You can work through the course at your own pace, and there's no time limit for completion. *NHS approved. It costs £40, but is free to use in some areas, folowing referral from a healthcare professional.

Web Link: Pzizz (for better sleep)

The Pzizz app helps you quickly calm your mind, fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.It uses "dreamscapes" – a mix of music, voiceovers and sound effects designed using the latest clinical research – to help you sleep better at night or take power naps during the day. *NHS approved. Free to use, with in-app purchases

Web Link: Sanvello (help with stress, anxiety & depression)

This link will take you to the Sanvello website, where you can find out more about and download the app. The app uses mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help people deal with stress, anxiety, depression and general well-being. There is a free version of the app, or you can take out a subscription for access to a wider range of resources and support. The app includes resources and support for self-care, peer support groups (connecting up with other people like you),...

Web Link: Second nature (weight loss, healthy eating, coaching)

Second Nature's online weight loss programme gives you information and support to lose weight and build healthier lifestyle habits. Over a 12 week online programme, you'll work with your dedicated health coach to increase activity levels, create balanced meals, tackle negative thought patterns and learn how to deal with setbacks. You'll also have the support of a peer group and will receive daily articles to help and motivate you in different areas of lifestyle change.At the end...